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Africology Skin Adoration Wraps : Sugar or Salt Exfoliation - Inkomfi Renewal - Essential Back Renewal - Africa's Slimming Detox Mud Wrap - Coffee and Mint Body Wrap - Rooibos and Lavender Clay Wrap - Soul Of Africa Body Conditioning - Botanical Body Ritual - African Potato Body Wraps - After Sun Soother

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Important notice:
Please note all bookings are on request and are subject to availability

• Opening Hours : 10h00 to 20h00 daily (last booking at 19h15)
Spa appointments after operating hours are subject to availability
Africology uses the purifying essence of indigenous healing plants from South Africa, namely
rooibos, aloe ferox, marula and African potato. The natural extracts of these plants help to calm and
soothe the senses to promote a relaxed state of mind. By formulating our products holistically, we
are able to help the body and skin on an ongoing basis without any harmful or ageing effects of chemicals.
Africology uses the purifying essence of indigenous healing plants from South Africa, namely
rooibos, aloe ferox, marula and African potato. The natural extracts of these plants help to calm and
soothe the senses to promote a relaxed state of mind. By formulating our products holistically, we
are able to help the body and skin on an ongoing basis without any harmful or ageing effects of chemicals.

We highly recommend this treatment as soon as you arrive at the Resort. It is a body exfoliation
carried out with local sugar or sea salt, combined with aroma therapeutic oils to cleanse the skin
and improve blood circulation. So, in addition to feeling wonderfully invigorated, your skin will be
ready to receive the benefits of vitamin D from the sun. It is recommended to combine a massage
with this treatment, in order to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of holidays.
Duration : 30 mins

The Inkomfi process reveals new and luminous skin after damage caused by stress and a harsh
environment. Traditionally, we start with a preparatory process. Our scrub gently exfoliates lifeless
skin cells while nourishing it. Then, our therapist applies a warm compress as well as a hydrating
body oil. The combination of aromas from Geranium, Lemon and Neroli essential oils from South
Africa restores calm to the mind.
Duration : 45 mins

A back cleanser that follows the principles of a facial: cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize. This
hard-to-reach area is prone to a lack of attention and is often worth pampering. This renewal process
begins with natural foam cleansing, followed by a Shea and walnut scrub, which is removed with
a warm essential oil infused compress. Once the back is toned, the treatment culminates using
Swedish massage techniques to apply our nourishing body butter.
Duration : 45 mins

An invigorating treatment that stimulates the activity of fat cells and is beneficial in detoxification
of the body. A blend of holistic African herbs are combined with our all-natural clay to improve
circulation, lymphatic drainage and the body’s ability to regain its balance.
Duration : 75 mins or 120 mins

Once the body has been prepared with our Walnut and Marula shell exfoliator, our invigorating
combination of coffee and mint extract is applied as a mud wrap to stimulate lymph and blood flow
while eliminating toxins. Suitable for pregnant women, as well as clients with high blood pressure, it
is also an excellent treatment to combat water retention.
Duration: 75 mins or 120 mins

For centuries, African maidens went to rivers to collect mud. In today’s world, the purifying effect it
has on the skin is recognized worldwide. Indeed, its soothing nature makes it an effective treatment
for eczema, rashes and sunburn. This 120-minute experience is completed with a deeply hydrating
massage based on pure lavender essential oils.
Duration : 75 mins or 120 mins

This ceremonial process is inspired from Africology products, where we use Africa’s miraculous
Marula oil mixed with Neroli to soften signs of ageing through its anti-stress action. This treatment
begins with a back exfoliation followed by an application of warm and soothing mud to release
muscle tension while eliminating toxins in the body. Marula oil is then applied for a full body massage.
In Africa, Marula is also used to treat damaged skin by the sun, as it improves skin hydration and
helps fight free radicals.
Duration : 90 mins

Live a beautiful experience in which the energetic essence of plants is captured in order to work
in harmony with the energy field of your body. Using the benefits of nature, your wellbeing ritual
begins with a renewal scrub that gently exfoliates lifeless skin cells and nourishes the skin. Then,
after applying a hot compress, you will benefit from a hydrating and antioxidant body massage. In
order to further perfect your sense of well-being, a Rose Botanical Facial treatment that rebalances
the skin’s natural oil secretions will be applied to you.
Duration : 120 mins

Our pure and natural Hypoxis Body Wrap is formulated with African potato and marula radical
damage. This herbal blend relaxes you on application, while the rich background sounds of Africa
help the mind focus on the holistic experience. Enjoy a traditional foot ritual and deeply relaxing
scalp massage while the wrap is melted into the skin. Finally, there is a soothing massage with body-
conditioning marula oil, which creates a natural barrier to hold in moisture and improve collagen
and elastin, to complete the experience.
Duration : 75 mins or 120 mins

This treatment combines a cooling and nourishing body wrap from locally sourced Aloe Vera,
cucumber and honey face mask, leaving you feeling radiant after a day spent in the sun. Whilst the
body is cocooned in the wrap and face mask, a head massage will leave you totally relaxed.
Duration : 45 mins

 SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS : Most treatments can be adapted to accommodate allergy, pregnancy or injury.Please contact us with any queries and let us know of any medical or health concerns.
- TREATMENT PREPARATION : We recommend that you are present 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment time,allowing you to complete your holistic health assessment and also to enjoy the complimentary heat facilities within the treatment rooms.
PRE-TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS : For best results, we recommend men shave on the day of a facial treatment.For women, we recommend not shaving or waxing on the day of a body treatment
Our therapists are trained in professional draping to cover you appropriately during treatments to maintain your privacy.We also provide disposable undergarments for both men and women should this be your preference.
SPA ENVIRONMENT : Please refrain from smoking and turn your mobile phone off or to a silent setting whilst in or around the Shanti Spa.The minimum age for taking a spa treatment is 16 years .Guests under the age of 18 years are required to have parental consent prior to the booking being accepted

Conditions :
We understand that schedules change and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Since your spa time is reserved specially for you, we kindly ask you to give a minimum of 8 hours cancellation notice so that someone else may enjoy that time. Cancellations made within 4 hours will be subject to 50% cancellation fee and for no show,100% will be charged.
We advise you not to bring or wear valuables whilst using our spa facilities.While we endeavour to take care of your belongings, we do not assume liability for any loss of or damage to personal articles.The Shanti Spa shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by any guest.


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